Infinite Threads

Jeff Price & Chris Collister

Infinite Threads is a collaboration between photographer Chris Collister  and poet Jeff Price.

This collection of poetry and photographs represents a dialogue between their two art forms. Chris provided Jeff with a number of his photographs and Jeff wrote poems inspired by the images.

Jeff says “I have always been a fan of Chris’s work since I first saw some of his photographs in an exhibition 10 years ago in the South West of France; he sees the everyday in highly imaginative ways and I felt there was something poetic about his images which I wanted to capture” .

Sometimes like the photographs, the poetry is almost dreamlike and at other times it reflects the humour often found in Chris’ images. 

The result is twenty nine images and poetry inspired by them.


Published by Jeff Price

Biog Jeff Price Jeff is a poet and writer. He has performed at many  venues through out the UK and Europe including the Prague Fringe Festival and the Bristol Poetry Festival. He embarrassed himself with an appearance in ITV’s Airline programme reciting poetry to Easyjet passengers in Newcastle Airport. He was the founder and organiser of the Poetry Vandals. He organises poetry events including The Great Northern Slam at Northern Stage and is a regular performer at venues throughout the UK and in the South West of France.  Jeff has a Master's Degree in Poetry and Creative Writing from Newcastle University. His work has appeared in many anthologies, E-Zines and poetry websites. He has written for a number of magazines. Jeff’s poetry often hides a sharp political message behind its humour. His first full collection “Doors” was published in 2006 and  "Toe in The Tarn"  was published in 2012. He has released a CD/Book titled Live at La Sirene. “The wordplay of Roger McGough delivered with the voice of a Geordie Adrian Mitchell. Great entertainment – count me in, I’m a fan”. Mike Jones Quercy Unplugged “Great storytelling and a sharp eye for human foibles with powerful images... Highly recommended” Kate Fox, Poet in Residence on BBC Radio Four's "Saturday Live

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